NovaPro is a high energy rumen protected protein with proven performance benefits. Produced in the UK from UK rapeseed NovaPro drives intakes and improves milk yield.

Why feed NovaPro?

As an excellent source of high quality rumen bypass protein compared to soya meal, NovaPro brings the following benefits to a ration:

Why are rumen protected proteins important?

Ruminants require a combination of rumen degradable and by-pass protein. When using rumen protected proteins, the level of by-pass protein is booksted and therefore anumal performance maximised even when rumen fermentation has reached its limit.

Does it really work?

In a recent trial completed at the University of Nottigham, NovaPro was found to provide:


NovaPro is a brand new sustainable feed available for UK farmers. Sourced from UK rapeseed, it has a reduced carbon footprint and offers dairy farmers the opportunity to displace imported protein sources whilst increasing milk yield. In addition to this, the product itself is manufactured at an energu neutral site.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or would like to order NovaPro, then please contact your local merchant or call Trident on 01733 422214.

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