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Tank finance scheme makes liquid feed inclusion possible 06/03/2018

Dairy & Beef farmers previously unable to feed liquids as part of the ration, due to tank restrictions, now have access to a finance scheme to help make the investment more affordable. Michelle Tennant, Trident Feeds liquids supply manager explains that t

Dietary fat the importance of taking the right pathway 10/04/2017

Nutrition plays an important role in manipulating milk fat and, with turnout approaching, producers should review diets to avoid drops. Trident Feeds investigates the potential negative effect of turnout on milk composition and steps farmers can take to m

How to cut beef feed costs with protein alternatives 10/04/2017

High protein prices are putting beef margins under increasing strain but cost-effective alternatives, which could reduce monthly feed costs by around 420 for a 200 head beef unit*, are available.

By-pass protein in dry cow diets proven to boost milk yields 09/03/2017

Farmers are being urged to plan dry cow rations with care, as investing in the dry period is critical to reaping the benefits in the next lactation.

Plan ahead for turnout to maximise the opportunities this spring 09/03/2017

Spring turnout is on the horizon, but producers are concerned that the recent cold and wintery weather may be limiting grass growth, which could impact milk yields and milk fat percentages.

Making the most of winter feed 05/12/2016

As dairy farmers settle into winter feeding routines, Bethany May explores how to maximise the value of home grown forages.

Silage analysis key to maximising milk-from-forage 08/11/2016

Producers are being encouraged to get-to-grips with their silage analysis results in order to balance rations and maximise milk-from-forage this winter. Trident Feeds ruminant nutritionist, Bethany May, says that understanding silage analysis result

Body condition scoring vital to lamb percentages 06/10/2016

Getting rams and ewes in optimum condition before tupping commences is essential to maximise prolificacy and will ultimately impact the performance of next years lambs.

Ewe nutrition during late pregnancy 06/10/2016

Producers are being reminded to carefully manage ewe nutrition throughout pregnancy, particularly during the last six to eight weeks, to ensure successful foetal growth and development.

New viable, sustainable and cost-effective liquid feed available 15/09/2016

An exciting new viable, sustainable and cost-effective liquid energy feed is now available to livestock producers in the North of England and Scotland.
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