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Book now for a mid-protein summer bargain

With 2011 predicted to be a bumper year for whisky after two years in the doldrums, Scottish distillers’ feeds look set to be the best-buy mid-proteins this summer for livestock farmers in the north of England and Scotland. 

“Summer contracts for Scottish distillers’ maize and barley are already available for around £190205/t depending on load size and delivery costs – and that’s much better value than rapemeal or maize gluten,” explains Trident’s Neil Woolf.  “High demand means we’re not going to see oversupply cause a price crash, but prices for May-Oct delivery are reflecting the expected improvement in supply.

“So book now to cover requirements from Easter until the end of summer, and take advantage of the price while availability is still good,” he adds.

For more information contact Trident direct on 01733 422214.

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